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Energy & Resource Efficiency Audits

The resource efficiency audit according to EN 16247 is a standardized study that entails the inspection, survey and analysis of the entire resource chain of an industry or a building.

Thus, focus is not only given to energy flows but also to raw materials, waste and water flows while also detailed measurements are conducted where necessary. Energy & water benchmarking and energy management assessment are performed along with carbon foot-printing. A detailed set of Energy/Resource efficiency and optimization measures are developed.

A comprehensive life cycle financial and risk analysis are performed for the proposed set of measures while an implementation time-plan is developed.

Goal of Energy / Resource Efficiency Audit

The goal of the energy/resource efficiency audit is to achieve resource conservation and reduction of energy/cost inputs while improving the production levels or comfort conditions.

Our Portfolio

ENERS CPM has an extended portfolio of worldwide references in energy audits in various industries, buildings and infrastructures.