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With our strong expertise and strategic partnerships with leading players of the EV charging industry, we provide smart solutions in the field of e-mobility.

Having established a continuously expanding charging network, we offer top quality charging services for domestic, public and semi-public applications with key features, which include:

  • Standard & DC Fast charging Stations
  • Load balancing and smart charging
  • Hybrid solutions (Solar PV & Energy Storage Stations)
  • Marketing Solutions (EV Charging station & LED Display for advertisement videos)
  • Development of Charging app & Innovation tools
Official Distributor of Alfen

Our consulting services cover:

  • Analysis of fleet usage (distances, environment, regular roots).
  • Grid capacity assessment
  • Savings calculation
  • GHG reduction calculation
  • Suggested vehicles, equipment solutions, implementation scenarios


  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • Technical assessment
  • Estimate of GHG emissions savings
  • Life-Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA)
  • E-Mobility for energy communities
  • Race agregator implementation consulting