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Infrared Thermography

Smart companies are saving time and money by incorporating an infrared inspection program into their overall predictive maintenance strategy

Thermography is a non-destructive method to inspect all electrical, moving and rotating equipment and building envelopes.

An effective preventative maintenance strategy must include an infrared scan of all electrical, moving and rotating equipment.  A thermographic scan performed by a certified thermographer may also be utilized for insurance purposes or court proceedings.

Infrared Thermography

Thermography is applicable to:

Loose/corroded connections, overloaded circuits, faulty equipment

Motors, bearings, belts and transmissions, HVAC systems

Pipe blockages, coolant leaks, steam traps, tank levels

Under slab leakages, Air leakages, Insulation issues

Airflow analysis, UPS systems, emergency generators

ENERES CPM avails infrared Thermographers certified by the US Infraspection Institute.

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